3 best free rainy live wallpapers to keep your android wet

First rain here in India saw many poets writing off their poetry as a status update and giving weather updates to their Facebook friends. Well, as a hefty android user I change my live wallpapers according to the seasons and since it has started to rain here in Mumbai(I believe across India too) let’s take a walk and see three best rainy live wallpapers that might help you to keep your latest phones wet.

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Rain Live Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper is quite heavy but has got very nice rain drops graphics. Though it might seem to be more of a galaxy type wallpaper where dust and particles are making their way everywhere, rain drop effect brings it closer to rainy live wallpaper. It is still missing settings like controlling amount of rain drops or angle in which they fall. Speed adjustments would also be an awesome addition to near updates. This live wallpaper is quite a heavy and lags on low-end android smartphones.  So if you have 600MHz processor smartphone(or less), you might not want to use it.


Download Rain Live Wallpaper

Thunderstorm Live wallpaper

It is packed with a spectacular show of storm clouds and lightning. It really is great live wallpaper which gives smooth graphical effects even on my 600MHz processor(overclocked to 729MHz). Occasional lightening bolt and pouring rain make it quite a better than others. You can change the frequency of lightening bolt and also adjust color. It is truly an awesome live wallpaper and I do show off this wallpaper to my friends and family during the rainy season. There are two versions of this app and free version has some restricted features. I would suggest you to try the free version first and then buy a donate version to show some love to a developer.

Download Free Thunderstorm Live wallpaper

Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper

Let me clear, It’s not a natural rainy wallpaper but features digital rain drops which pixel styled. It is very much customizable with options such as multi-color drops and number of active raindrops. You can also control the falling speed of raindrop and length of the rain drop. With touch feature enabled, you can shatter rain drops by touching them. It’s surely worth giving a try

Download Pixel Rain

I m already using two of the live wallpapers from these and would love to know your experience with them.

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